I write about language, culture, and how they interact with politics to influence human behaviour.

Understanding the rise of populist politics in the West

An interview with Mark Blyth

In this interview with Mark Blyth, we cover the political and economic factors that lead to the rise of populism and right-wing politics across the West, and what needs to change moving forward.

We had a few connection problems during our call, but those don't detract from the quality of Mark's input.


  • Intro: 40s
  • About Mark: 1:05
  • The importance of social welfare: 1:24
  • Defining "Global Trumpism": 2:24
  • Quote from Simon Johnson & James Kwak: 9:00
  • Public debt vs. Private debt: 09:18
  • The democrats and Neoliberalism: 10:13
  • What if the Democrats had won the last election: 11:20
  • Trump, Sanders, and bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA: 11:44
  • Donald Trump is a Marxist? The collective action problem: 13:40
  • What are the economic implications of a Republican senate?: 16:28
  • The Democrats and policy: 18:36
  • Is Trump as unpopular as liberal media portrays?: 21:00
  • Anti-Trump protests (Women's March): 24:11
  • Trump's approval rating: 24:43
  • Liberal media bubble: 25:29
  • The failing of the Left: 27:20
  • Should we expect a U-Turn in Europe?: 28:00
  • Politics is about creating a positive vision of the future: 29:05

Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea

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