Episode 2: An Awkward Dinner and some Marxism


Welcome to the second episode of our weekly podcasts where we discuss interesting articles, new Reformer content, and answer readers' questions.

This week we picked out an article about an awkward Brexit conversation over dinner and the resurgence of the term "Late Capitalism".

Article 1: http://nyti.ms/2pAHC2n (01:28)
Article 2: http://theatln.tc/2plDual (15:03)

We also discuss a new Reformer articles on how ideology undermines recognition of humanitarian work.

Expropriating the East: http://bit.ly/2pACNGf (26:30)

Finally, we answer a reader's question:

Why does the “west” feel a need to impose its values/thinking on Middle Eastern countries? (39:58)

We hope you enjoy the listen and make sure to follow us on our channels and sign up to our newsletter.

Other mentioned articles:

The Disastrous Brexit Dinner: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/th...
Oh, Snap: http://huff.to/2q4vppp